Cloud to Cloud Backup

If your business is powered by SaaS applications, you need a reliable partner on your side, helping you take advantage of the benefits of the cloud -- without the risk of data loss. Spanning Backup for Google Apps, Office 365, and Salesforce protects your business with accurate and reliable backup and restore. For complete confidence in the cloud, check out our products below.



Our automated, daily backup and recovery for Gmail, Drive & Docs, Calendar, Contacts, and Sites is backed by our 100% Restore Guarantee. And it’s so easy to use, even end users can resolve their own data loss concerns.


Stop exporting and start working smarter with the world’s only in-app backup and restore solution for Salesforce. We offer automated, daily backups and rapid restore for Salesforce data, including metadata.


Never worry about changing or losing data with a restore button that can recover any past version of a file. Your freedom to collaborate is now protected by daily, automated backup for Office 365.