Frequently Asked Support Questions


Here are some questions that come up all the time.

Are the Guys fully certified?

Yes, professional certifications in computer technology are non-degree awards made to those who have achieved qualifications specified by a certifying authority. The intention is to establish that an individual holding a certification is technically qualified to hold certain types of position within the field

Certifications, held by the IT Guys are periodically renewed to ensure we’re up to standard.

Can you organize me specific brands on request?

Yes. We have connections and contacts all over the place to ensure we can deliver on any of our clients requests. Need a special product, service, part? No worries, we’ll sort it out.

Do you make after hours house calls?

We understand that time is always a difficult thing to maneuver around as we only have so many hours in a day, as do you, so for convenience sake we do make after hours calls, at an inflated fee.

Does remote access mean you can access my computer at any time? even without my permission?

In general, it is only possible to access your computer if you share your TeamViewer ID and the associated random password with another person. Without knowing the ID and password, it is not possible to access your computer. Do not share your ID and password with a person you do not trust.

You can also restrict access to your computer in different ways. Depending on how you want to restrict access and to what extent, choose one of the following options:

To completely prevent any access with ID and password, exit TeamViewer in the taskbar.

Any incoming or outgoing connections are no longer possible.

To restrict access to ordained devices, use the Black- or Whitelist in the TeamViewer full version.

Deny incoming connections for specific TeamViewer IDs or only allow connections for defined TeamViewer-IDs.

To restrict features for incoming connections, use the access control for incoming connections.

Choose between Full access, Confirm all, viewing access or deny any incoming remote control connection.

To deny connections from outside your network, only allow incoming LAN connections.

Is my cloud data secure?

Data stored in the cloud is nearly always stored in an encrypted form that would need to be cracked before an intruder could read the information meaning even if they could gain access, none of the information would be illegible.

Can ALL my issues be resolved remotely?

There is a lot that we will be able to fix remotely, how ever there are some issues where we may need you to bring your PC in to us, or we’ll come to you, but it all depends on the issue.

Are there any hidden costs?

Not at all, what you see is what you get, and what you’re quoted is what you’ll be charged, no last minute additions.

If my issue(s) aren't resolved, do I still pay?

The service fee will still apply since you pay for the technicians time (hours), however, if we are unable to resolve an issue, we set a 10 hour cap on service fee.

If I cancel my data back-up, do I lose my data?

Should you wish to cancel your data back-up subscription we will provide the  opportunity for you to make an external back-up on a hard drive before we permanently erase your data, for security and liability reasons.

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  • Professional, no nonsense service
  • Expertly trained technical staff, on site and off
  • We offer support of all IT related equipment
  • Using only top of the range hardware brands
  • We will always bring you the best possible prices


  • Saving you time and money with simple solutions and support
  • Convenience is key – in a crunch? We’ll come to you, no stress
  • Able to work with PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Trusted quality products for trusted performance
  • We cut our costs, so we can save YOU money

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