Business. Uninterrupted.


Because we KNOW that life is unpredictable and disaster can strike at anytime, we like to think we’re doing our part to help keep you sailing smoothly even when things get a little turbulent.


We’ll offer you support on and off site, to ensure the best service at the best price with solutions in record time, because time is money and you can’t afford to be down.


To keep you going strong we have a wide range of services to offer which will be able to provide support in the struggle, monitor and maintain your servers to prevent issues at their root as well as supply you with any hardware you may need if you’re in a jam

Our Solutions

Onsite and Remote support

Fixes, maintenance and other assistance can be provided to you from anywhere, or, we’ll send someone to you.

Server Monitoring

We review and analyse your servers continuously, to ensure they are running optimally while mitigating any problems we find.

Pro-active Maintenance

Preventive maintenance on your machines to ensure we maintain their reliability, stopping problems before they’re problems.

Hardware, software, and components

We'll cater to all your needs, hardware, software, and components for your machines. We'll supply you with the best.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Provides emergency power to allow your computers to keep running for a short time to prevent DATA loss, as well as protect the hardware from surges.

Hardware Financing and Rentals

IT Guys will enable you to rent or finance all your technology equipment – instead of buying your laptops, computers, and servers, your business can lease these for a time period.

Service Level Agreements

We know you expect a certain standard of work from us here, so we offer up SLA’s to ensure quality workmanship and support in all of our encounters.

Web/E-mail Hosting

IT Guys provides the services needed for your website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet while we also provide internet hosting to operate your email servers.

Cloud Hosted Services

Cloud hosting services provide hosting on a virtual server or Cloud where you can store important information you’ll be able to access from anywhere.

Get uninterrupted business

So, Why IT Guys?

our approach

  • Professional, no nonsense service
  • Expertly trained technical staff, on site and off
  • We offer support of all IT related equipment
  • Using only top of the range hardware brands
  • We will always bring you the best possible prices


  • Saving you time and money with simple solutions and support
  • Convenience is key – in a crunch? We’ll come to you, no stress
  • Able to work with PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Trusted quality products for trusted performance
  • We cut our costs, so we can save YOU money

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