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IT Guys can completely transform the way your business operates by providing safe, and easy access to your IT systems from anywhere, at any time. All your apps, documents and other data will be accessible to you from any computer, phone or tablet using a secure connection.


Our Work from Anywhere Cloud solutions improves the efficiency of your business and saves you money, we can even set you up with a more progressive and cost effective way to make voice calls using your broadband connection. So allow us to simplify any technological complexities, while you take care of your business.

Anywhere Solutions

Remote Access

Access any computer on your network and operate it remotely from any location.

Cloud Email

Cloud-based options offer far greater scalability and flexibility than server-based email.

Cloud File Storage

Keep your important data safe and secure in the cloud, available to you whenever, wherever.

Cloud Hosted Telephony

Enable voice calls over your Broadband network, connecting all your offices together.

Team Collaboration

Allow multiple members of your team to work together on one project at once for maximum productivity.


Cloud conferencing allows for ``face-to-face`` conversation when needed, from anywhere.

Want to free your organisation?

So, Why IT Guys?

our approach

  • Professional, no nonsense service
  • Expertly trained, experienced technical staff, on site and off
  • We offer support of all IT related equipment
  • Using only top of the range hardware brands
  • We will always bring you the best possible prices


  • Saving you time and money with simple solutions and support
  • Convenience is key – in a crunch? We’ll come to you, no stress
  • Able to work with PC, Mac, and Linux
  • Trusted quality products for trusted performance
  • We cut our costs, so we can save YOU money

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